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Friday 30th August

Ampersand Eatery Presents: Giro d’Italia

Join us on a discovery of Italian Wine, as we enjoy the company of Artisan Wine Makers and sumptuous, bespoke dishes by our Executive Chef Mikey Newlands.

5 Courses with Wine to Match @ $99 per person

09 522 9503


Anti Pasti

Perlage ‘Canah’ NV Prosecco

Risotto Of Red Wine, Radicchio & Vialone Nano Rice

2015 Masi Campfiorin

Sopressini with a ‘Bolognese’ of Free Range Pork, Pistachio & Pecorino Pesto

2016 Barbera Sottimano

Slow Roasted Carpretta with Capers & Anchovy, accompanied by soft white Polenta

2012 Barrula Agricola Punica

Zuppa Inglese ‘Alla Ampersand’

2017 Moscato ‘Nivole’ Michele Chiarlo