Brilliant dishes, slick service and a relaxed atmosphere.


We're driven to create an experience for each of our guests using the beauty of seasonal produce. Our menus feature dishes that are smart and exciting, but also welcoming, honest and served by an attentive team. We're creating the food we love and dedicating time and detail that very few chefs are able to provide. The drinks list is small and sharp, offering a curated list of interesting wines and beers, to highlight your meal with a match that celebrates our flavours.

Market Fish Crudo at Ampersand Eatery
Ampersand Eatery

Our Coffee Alley serves specialist blends and Single Origin coffee, roasted on site by Espresso Workshop. Starting with the best quality beans available, we roast in small batches for consistency and freshness. 


We use different brewing methods with our roasts to ensure your coffee reflects the quality and complexity of flavour in the beans. Try one of our coffee tasting options with your brunch, and ask one of our specialist baristas about the at-home brewing equipment. You'll be a pro in no time.

coffee at Ampersand Eatery


We have the astounding natural beauty of Hobson Bay right on our doorstep, viewed from the all-weather, open-air heated terrace.

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Lead Staff

Mikey Newlands
Executive Chef / Co Owner

Jan Ou Yang
Head Chef

Amanda Rogers
Front of House Manager / Co Owner

Matt Woodward
Eatery Manager

Andrew Smart
Espresso Workshop / Co Owner


The lofty-industrial interior, created by award-winning designers Ctrl-Space, is big, lively and open, creating a tranquil light-filled feel in the mornings and a buzz during weekends and evenings.

Mikey Newlands Ampersand Eatery